Yoshino River – Rafting

So our last day we wanted some adventure. I found a place online that was in English for Whitewater Rafting called Happy Raft. We decided to drive and see if we could get in the next day. Not only were we able to book a full day rafting trip, we also got to stay at a guest house! Also staying at the guest house were 2 girls from Holland. The girls and I were sitting around talking and Matt cooked dinner. A few of the tour guides and the house host came to get some drums and we invited them to play for us. They ended up hanging out with us the rest of the evening and even made Japanese food. So again we exchanged food and stories. The girls from Holland had been traveling for nearly 6 months and they only had 1 week left till they headed back home.

Here are a few photos I took

Yoshino River-1 Yoshino River-2 Yoshino River-3

The next morning we got up and headed to our whitewater adventure. We had no idea what we were in for. Our first stop on the river we jumped off a huge rock. This was a “bucket list” item. I’ve never been one to like water parks so jumping from a big cliff into the water was a big deal and a huge rush. We also got to hike up to a waterfall and take in our surroundings. It was an adventurous day and a great way to end our trip. After we got to eat amazing homemade bagels and cream cheese.

We decided we were going to make the 8 hour drive back home. To start off the adventure, Matt took a road that was scary to say the least. At times we only had inches or the car would drop off the side of the mountain. It was really intense and a adventure in itself. An adventure neither of us care to take again 😉

Overall the trip was a huge success with lots of fun and memories. Now back to daily life…


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