You Only Live Once

I got my feelings hurt as I stated in the previous post. The best thing I know how to do is to think about it and process it. So, I am writing this to share my thoughts.

I feel hurt. It is an easy thing to do to me now a days. I am a bit on the sensitive side. I know that and I am working on it. Regardless of that, I have a right to my feelings. People can’t take that away. They are my feelings. No one has lived my life and gone through my experiences so people can’t dictate your feelings. Feelings are important. It is how we know we are real. It is how we know we are human.

I used to argue with others. I work really hard at not doing that. I am not always successful but I try to walk away. What I have learned is that when people argue, nothing gets solved and when you do that, no one is right. It is about talking to people, trying to understand their side, validating their feelings and moving forward. Sometimes we let our ego stand in the way. One thing I have worked really hard at is learning when to let go of the pride but it is a work in progress. It takes a big person to know when to let go and to walk away from a situation. It takes the ability to listen to the other person, know they are entitled to how they feel, and move forward. When you care about someone, life is too short to spend it mad at each other.

One thing I have noticed is that when you walk away people call you weak. It takes a lot more to walk away than it does to stay and fight. I have learned there is no reason to participate in destructing the relationship. They can be negative and say things that make no logical sense but you have to know in your heart that love conquers anger. No matter the amount of negative vibes someone else puts out, there is no reason to participate in those behaviors.Your happiness depends on what you think so it is best to stay positive. Those that respect you should be the only people that remain in your life.

This weekend at the Festival I saw a lot of shirts that said YOLO (You Only Live Once). Always remember this.

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