Saturday Matt and I went to Yokohama to go to a German Festival, Ramen Museum, and China Town.

Wait…. We are in Japan right?

On our way down, we met a high school bowling team. They were so excited to chat with us and tell us about their bowling adventures. The teacher that was traveling with them spoke English and you would be amazed by the kids that can speak English also.

First we checked out the Ramen Museum which was more like a bunch of restaurants in one location. For those that didn’t know, Ramen is a big deal here and SO GOOD. It originally is a China dish but the Japanese have taken their own twist on it.

Next stop was China town. We didn’t spend much time in China town but they had a bunch of street vendors. We did grab a burger type thing from one of the shops to try it out. It was like a white bun stuffed with something, it tasted good and that is about all I know. The Japanese don’t always think highly of China. The area was fun and thriving.

On our way to the German Festival, we walked out on the pier. There was a cruise ship at bay and a band was playing for a big crowd on shore. It was a cool vibe with load drums and lots of people in the port. Our last stop was the German Festival. For my taste, it was WAY over priced for what it was. A beer was $10 and a plate of food was $25. That kind of put a damper on my mood at least. They weren’t playing any music. I guess I was disappointed because it felt like an expensive beer fest with no real German culture. By that time it was getting late so we shared a plate of food and decided to call it a night. We were getting up early the next morning for my first ever golf lessons.

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