My New Passion

I share a lot of thoughts and intimate details about who I am. I want to share them because it helps me sort through my thoughts and I also hope to connect with others who might be facing similar situations both good and bad. Writing helps me think about life in a different light. It is a high and an addiction.

What most people don’t understand is how raw it makes a person feel. I feed that way because I am putting myself out there to be judged and rejected. I let people see sides of me that are sometimes scary. My weaknesses, my sadness, my life and my dreams.  The highest risk always yields the biggest reward. So here I am.

What I am learning is that in writing is that I yearn to write deep and honest things. That is what touches people. Yet in doing that you look for lessons that have been learned the hard way and you hope for real experiences that others relate to but then you have to live in them. Right now, I am loving the ability to write.

When you love to do something with such a deep passion, you believe in the possibility of dreams coming true. I don’t know how I am going to make money doing this just yet. BUT what I do know is that I will figure out a way. So here are some ways that I know I have a problem:

  • Everything I look at in life I wonder how I can write about it on my blog and I start thinking about how it can inspire others.
  • I can’t read enough about blogging and much of my down time is reading other people’s blogs.
  • I look at blogging as a discovery tool to educate myself and others.
  • I have so many ideas of what to do and write about in my head it is hard to organize and get the ball rolling on many of them.
So it is about emotions, it is about love, it is about sharing, and most of all it is about living life. The other week I watched a movie called Freedom Writers. One of the things I took away from the movie is that here is some kids that are fighting each other because of the environment they grew up in. The teacher asks them questions that anyone that can relate needs to stand on a line. They all do. What it says to me is we are all human, we are all fighting battles, we should all be in this together.
What would you write about  your story?



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