I have been really bad about posting because I am trying to get in time with the family. Plus yesterday I had a allergy fit and my mom medicated me with Benadryl after that and 2 glasses of wine, I was out cold for a few hours.

I started reading the book Wrecked that Rhonda gave me and man there is so much good info. I will touch on the parts I relate to and talk about them.

I want to move overseas as I have talked about before. I just think here in America we take so much for granted and we often forget what really matters. There was a comment in the book that said “There are more honest smiles among the poor of Ethiopia than the shopping malls of America.”

The book talks about being brave. It talks about in order to live a wrecked life you have to step out of your comfort zone and living the life we are afraid to live. This requires tough decisions and courage. We are all looking for meaning in life. “Children understand this: what it means to live and love without condition, to be delighted in. Their lives are full of reckless abandon, and no one has to tell them so.”

So what does it mean to be wrecked? Wrecked is “to have a transformation that goes beyond words- to be introduced into another way of life.” It is about having your life changed in some way that you can never see life the same again. It is about having moments that break us down to help us understand the meaning. The world is broken if we believe it or not and it will remain that way. “To be wrecked begins with an experience that pulls you out of your comfort zone and self-centeredness, whether you want it to or not. Being wrecked means everything you believe- everything you know about yourself, your world, your destiny- is now in question. Because you’ve seen something bigger. And you can’t go back.”

We are all on a journey  and if we leave the comfortable life we will be changed. Here is a manifesto from the book:

“Instead of wanting more, we will strive for less.

Instead of easier, faster, better; we will opt for slow and deliberate. We will take our time.

We will seek first the needs of others and trust that our own will be provided.

We will discipline ourselves to believe.

We will find our lives by losing it.

We will seek the pearl of great price and sacrifice everything for it.

We will become less to gain more.”

It is the concept of the more you give the more you get in return. If you focus on giving to others in some way, your needs will be taken care of. “If you are going to find work worth doing- a vocation to fulfill and challenge you- you will encounter a reality bigger than yourself.It may not be what others say it should be or what you think, but it will come if you are looking for it.” Everything we do comes at a cost, even if that price is our time. You give up something for something else. The thing is though, it is hard to find yourself when your life is on cruise control. Who you are is out in the world, it is your duty to never stop looking.

The other day in my blog I talked about how on some level we are all human and we are all going through life. We know that every person we run into has a story to tell. Most of us ignore others because if we practice ignorance long enough, everything outwardly seems to be “good enough”. The book put it like this: ” the thing you try to avoid is often the remedy for your own self-centeredness.”

I guess I will end this for now. I am only about half way through the book so I will write a 2.0 version also. So far I will say, I feel like my life has been wrecked. I am not doing things the way some people think life should be lived but I am looking for a deeper meaning, to learn more compassion, and not to take anything in life for granted. I hope that you too have experienced a point in life that has wrecked you.



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