Wicked Whoopies

It isn’t everyday I can label my blog with something as awesome as Wicked Whoopies. I know you are thinking what the heck is such a thing? Think of cake meets creme kind of like an oatmeal creme pie, but better. Much better. So next time you get a chance you should try a whoopie pie. Just make sure you have some milk.

I woke up to an awesome sunset at Portland Head Light. I was so cold so I stopped to get hot chocolate. Not sure if the guy saw my Texas plates or if I just looked that pathetic but he gave it to me. So I will be buying a stranger a coffee very soon.

I drove through the White Mountains in New Hampshire. Kancamagus Highway. I stopped at this train station to take pictures. There was a guy doing some work so I asked if I could walk around and he told me to check out the train bridge. I went back and talked to him after taking pictures. That’s when I met Lance and he asked if I wanted a tour.

One of the cars was built as far back as 1923. Lance had owned the business for over 20 years. It is Cafe Lafayette Dinner Train. Lance told me “Happiness is the spice of life”. I spent some time getting to know Lance and found out that he has traveled all over and nothing is as good as home. He loves what he does and you could see how passionate he was about his life. He was living his dream. He talked about the food and how they made everything fresh, grew the herbs, and everything was homemade to order. We said our good byes I took a picture of Lance and the last thing Lance said was “It was fun”. Very true…. It was so fun.

So I made it back to Boston and met up with Mike again. I was craving pizza so we ate at Cambridge 1. We had 2 kinds of vegetarian pizza  and one even had potatoes on it. I tried a local cider called Wunderkind. I looked at the label and was inspired.

“Wunderkind is for the extraordinary person in all of us and is our tribute to Amelia Earhart, one of the greatest modern adventurers. Flying sparked a passion in her unlike any other. It’s that passion, that spirit of adventure and fearless leap into the unknown that inspires our own quest.”

We walked by this place called Leo’s Place Diner that was closed for the night. Mike knocked on the door and they let us in. I got a postcard of a picture that Mike had taken.

Ritchie took us into the diner and I could have listened to him and Mike talk forever. He told us that tomorrow would be a big day because of the Harvard vs Yale game. That old students that he had got to know over the years would be coming back to the diner to say hi. He talked about how stores come in and out all the time but the reason he sustains is because he offers something most others don’t. It is called loyalty. By that I mean that he is personable with the customers, makes it feel like home, small, family oriented, open, concerned, caring, and fun. If someone needed food and didn’t have the money, they would get it from Ritchie. He is genuine and cares about the customers. He works crazy hours and said that he will know he is retired when he gets to go to a Havard Yale game instead of working. Leo’s place is his passion.

Mike and I walked around Harvard, we got Madagastcar Hot Chocolate  that was so good but much thicker than I was used to. Mike and I sat on a bench in the oldest city park in America and told stories, talked, observed and we ate some chocolate (one was shaped like a mouse- no lie).

After our experience we left there to meet up with Scott. So Scott is friends with my friend Jennifer which is how I got connected to Mike for a place to stay. Without Scott and Jennifer, I would have got such an amazing experience. We went to a local bar and hung out with Scott. After we drove to a spot where we could see the entire city from afar. Outside of it being cold, it was a great night in Boston. As Lance said earlier “It was fun”.


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