When One Door

We have all heard “When one door closes another door opens” BUT what happens when ¬†you can’t even yank the door open that should be opening?

Here in Texas we have some pretty hot days. Today was no exception. So I walked out of work and go to my car, hit unlock, wont open. This isn’t the first time that this happened but it is only when it is super hot. However, this was the first time that my door handle got so hot that by pulling on it, I broke it. Just came off right there in my hand. So I go to try my back door to put my laptop bag in the backseat, it wont open either (fortunately I didn’t break the handle with my brute strength). So I go over to the passenger door and guess what? It opens. My lucky day. The best part? I get to crawl over the center console of my car, in a skirt. All I have to say is: good thing I was the last one at the office today.

So with my crazy mind and thought process, my broke car door handle got me thinking (and feel free to chime in)…

How many things in life do we hold onto and yank at in moments that we should just let go? In those things, I wonder at what point do you decide to keep holding on or when is it time to just let go before you break?


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