What Self Loving People Do Differently

You can always tell self-loving people apart. Generally, they live their lives happier, healthier and more successful. Their relationships, too, are as harmonious as their way of living. This often leaves us wondering what their secret ingredient to life us. Truth be told, self-loving people do a lot of things differently. Here are some that you might want to try as you go on the path of loving yourself:

They balance out their mind and heart.

“Mind over matter.” “Follow your heart.” Which do we follow? When asked this question, we typically struggle. Some of us end up not making a decision at all, just to be safe. Self-loving people, however, do not shudder at the thought of this. They know how to balance their emotions and rational thoughts. They listen to their heart but at the same time, they also heed what their mind has to say. Because they are able to level the two, their decisions are sound and careful.

They have no problems spending time alone.

Usually, we find it weird when we see some people eat alone or watch a movie by themselves. As social creatures, we are fond of involving other people (like friends and families) in everything that we do. Observing someone who seems to go against the norm makes us think that something is wrong with them. We conclude that they are either depressed or just plain weird without considering the fact that maybe they are just comfortable being by themselves. Self-loving people do not need others to function. Assured and independent, they can do everything by themselves without any companion to help them out or just “be there.”

They admit and take responsibility for their mistakes.

Self-loving people have strong morals. They understand the importance of doing what is right and the consequence of doing otherwise. This sense of morality does not mean that they do not make any mistakes ever. They are not perfect but they know that not admitting to a mistake that you have committed is wrong thus blaming others is a big no-no for them. They do not deny what they have done wrong and they take responsibility for it. By doing so, they encourage positive change in themselves rather than cultivating suffering in their lives.

They do not let people treat them lesser than they deserve.

Knowing their true worth, self-loving people will not tolerate those who treat them less than they deserve. When they feel that they are being disrespected, they immediately walk away. They are self-sufficient people who know exactly what they can offer to others. Likewise, they love and respect themselves enough not to let anybody walk over them. They would rather be alone than to be treated poorly.

If you are struggling with issues of self-loathing or anything compromises your self-respect, make a commitment to do things differently. At the end of the day, when are all alone, we will only have ourselves. We are our greatest possession so we must learn to care for and love ourselves. Start working on loving yourself by doing the different things mentioned above. As you go along, you will notice your life transform positively. Like self-loving people, you will live healthier, happier and more successful life.

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