What Forgiveness Means

Perhaps one of our favorite poisons is not forgiving someone else. We go about life carrying the burden of resentment and bitterness inside. We hold on to this thinking that we are hurting the person who hurt us. Instead of wounding the other person, we end up hurting ourselves.

I have struggled with forgiveness in my life. However, it is a choice that I am faced with when I feel like someone has done something wrong to me. I think it is something we can all strive for in our lives.

Recently, I treated a friend in a way that wasn’t much like a friend at all. That friend can’t find the strength to forgive and that is why I am writing this today. Not only to tell others but to remind myself what forgiveness means.


Generally, forgiveness is a choice to let go of resentment and the desire for revenge. It is not an easy decision to make most especially if the person who hurt you has caused you a lot of pain and damage. Oftentimes we think that the gravity of a person’s faults gives us the right to withhold forgiveness. However, when we withhold forgiveness, we are allowing ourselves to be taken into the bondage of anger and hate. Forgiveness is freeing. We are not freeing the other person when we decide to forgive them. We are freeing ourselves from the negativity that will consume us if we hang on to resentment.

To forgive, we must make the decision to do it. If we wait for ourselves to feel like it, we are only giving resentment the time to eat us up inside. When will you forgive? When you realize that you have ruined your own life because you choose not to forgive someone for their faults? Do not wait until the inability to forgive takes its ugly toll in your life.

The process of forgiveness does not stop there. You have to make a choice every single day of your life to not let resentment back into your life. Constantly remind yourself of how forgiveness has set you free.

Below is a song I can relate to and I think others do too. I have been wronged by people in my life and I know what it means to forgive and the struggle in learning forgiveness. It is hard and at times it seems impossible. However, it is important to remember people are human and they will make mistakes. Forgiveness isn’t for them, it is for you.

Always choose to forgive and you will enjoy the miracles of forgiveness.

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