Wedding Fall Down

So yesterday we went to a wedding. We took the horses and the buggy/trailer to take the wedding party around. It was something I have never experienced. AJ & Dale told me a story about how they went to see Jeff Foxworthy. When he came out, he said sorry he was late, he had just left a wedding and didn’t have a chance to go change. He was wearing some backwoods outfit that had to do with camo. Well, this wedding was nothing short of that because there was a guy in camo shorts and shirt. In fact, many of the outfits were questionable to me because it isn’t what I am used to seeing with all the hundreds of weddings I have attended. I felt dumb going to the wedding because they told me to wear jeans, boots, and a shirt well…. we were some of the nicest dressed people at the wedding. AJ made the comment that the people look liked they come out of the swamp. The people were friendly and invited us in to eat so we got a chance to spend more time at the wedding. It was entertainment for sure and I was easily amused.

The entertainment doesn’t end there… We got back to town and we were standing around talking. I decided to take a jog across the road. Jacob a kid about 16 decided he was going to come with me. On my way back we got to the ditch that I had successfully scaled once. I wasn’t so lucky this time. Jacob had cleared it and I decided that I still had the skills in me. I didn’t slow down and BAM. Slip-n-Slide. Instant entertainment for everyone including myself. I couldn’t help but to roll around laughing. In my ego’s defense, I was wearing boots which haven’t been in my running wardrobe in some time.

So… Laugh at yourself and be your own entertainment because others around you are watching you for entertainment purposes and a good laugh. As long as you do that you will never run out of smiles 🙂

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