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So I have decided that I will post a few music videos that I think we as a society can relate to and talk about the meaning of them to me. They all have a very different meaning some being social issues and other being personal all very dark/deep.

We all have a ‘dark side’ that we don’t want it to show of insecurities and imperfections.  No one wants to be judged so it is a battle on what we let people see. The video is good at showing issues that people face and worry about. It challenges us to think about what other people are going through.

Sometimes people purposely push others to self sabotage because they don’t think they are worthy of other’s love because of their dark side. Everyone deserves to be loved and needs to be reminded that they are worth it. It is reminding not to run away from the dark side because we all have one.

In watching the video, I saw the people that it portrays and I can relate either feeling that myself or knowing someone who is dealing with one of the issues. It really hit home with me because I feel like I struggle with this daily. Will you love me, even with my dark side?

Think about everyone around you and ask yourself where is the love? There is a lot of greed, discrimination, hypocrisy, and intolerance going on in the world. People are getting hurt over these things and why? We should spend more time loving and less time hating. The human spirit is suffering when it lacks love. It questions the ability to find peace in a world that has gone mad.

It also encourages us to think for ourselves. We trust what the government and media portrays as going on but we shouldn’t be complacent. Things are being swept under the rug and issues are being covered up. I think we can relate that to our personal lives as well.

The main message of this video is the most important: Where is the Love?

Ever been poor and struggled with money? This song talks about something that most of us can relate to in some way. Life is a battle but it questions are ability to think creatively about how to reach the top. We can’t all be at the top so we are all fighting problems together. What this video is saying is at some point we will have to fight for someone other than just our self.

This video really portrays the typical financial struggle many people face. It shows so much about love and being in this life for more than just yourself.

We have all faced struggles and they are defining moments in our identity. It is powered by free will and the ability to rise. There is a point in our lives where we are doing everything in our power to survive and have very little to offer to others. There there is a time where we want to get to a point where we can be there not only for ourselves but for someone else too. It is time to stand tall and defy the odds.

We all have been in relationships that we are attracted to in some way but it is somehow unhealthy. People don’t treat each other appropriately. We tell ourselves that this is it and that we are walking away. We keep getting pulled in and sucked into it for one reason or another.

When we go back to the toxic relationship we feel stupid and we don’t know what it is about that person that draws us back. Whatever it is, the force is strong and we get stuck in the pattern or routine. Even though everything tells us to get out we continue going back telling ourselves one more time.

I was a runaway teen so I relate to this video. This isn’t just about running away but also about suffering. Everyone has runaway from something. When one runs they cling on to hope that they will soon be free. Running away doesn’t solve problems but sometimes it is needed to get out of an unhealthy environment.

Often people turn away from believing there is suffering of innocent people going on in society. People do suffer and they do get to the point that they run to help themselves. There is compassion that comes in not knowing what someone else is going through but being beside them anyways. In the song he talks about running away with that person to make sure things will be ok. At the end, we all need to open our eyes.

I saved this for last because I want to remind that we are all beautiful. No matter how society labels us or how we look on the outside, it is what is in us that counts. People are ashamed with who they are because society is quick to judge and quick to assume.

I think what is beautiful about this song is that no matter what people say, believing in yourself is where true strength is found. There is a warning to anyone who has ever been a bully to stop. Be yourself because who you are is beautiful.



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