Wake Up and Be Awesome *Explicit

From this day forth, your goal should be the most f#cking awesome person you can imagine being.

Sadly, there are many who go about living day by day more asleep than awake. So I am asking you now to wake up and be awesome.

What’s great about being awesome is that it’s totally subjective to what you define as awesome. You don’t have to care about the ways I consider to be awesome and I don’t have to like yours.  Agree to disagree. The only judge is you and do you like yourself more than you did yesterday?

If so, congrats! You are on your way to being awesome. This is only true though if you are being honest with yourself.

Do not let other people treat you lesser than you deserve. Open your eyes to the limitless potentials that you have and to the wonderful person that you truly are. When you learn to see yourself in a different light, you will live happier than when you were spending your life asleep and missing the joy that should have been rightfully yours.

You might have been asleep for a long time but it is not too late to wake up and turn your life around. It will be difficult to open your eyes after you have enveloped yourself in darkness for a long time but it will be the best decision that you can make. Wake up and be awesome. You have always been amazing but you refused to take a look at yourself and retreated to a deep slumber instead. Make a commitment to live your life fully alive and awake.

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