Vodka and Bonfires

Every day AJ calls me and I go to lunch with them. They eat out 3 meals a day which I can’t hang with but I make it a point to go to lunch so I can see them in the middle of the day. Well today, I got to hear stories of my drunken glory. Then…. They asked why it wasn’t posted on my blog. So here it is!

I told them how much I loved bonfires and Kelly decided he was going to show me one. I brought the vodka he brought the fire. Well, we did it big in different ways. He had to light a huge fire so I had to one up him and drink some vodka. My memory is a little foggy but I did wake up really sore the next morning and my thumb is a little jacked up too. So I made a fool of myself, thought it would be a good idea to get feisty and make an ass of myself. I am sure somewhere in my mind I was acting cute and entertaining. My confidence got the best of me with a little liquid courage. I decided to fight a guy that I have no business trying to act so big. I guess I had something to prove. What? I may never know.

I smile about it. While Dale and AJ wonder if they need to check me in somewhere and I wouldn’t put it past them to think a mental institution is a good start. I am having fun. Living life my way. For anyone that knows me, knows this shouldn’t be a surprise.  We can all laugh about it as it has come up in many conversations. Just note if you haven’t heard from me in awhile, they probably have had me committed so check institutions first.

Here are a few tips to act a fool:

  • Be ready for the pain and soreness. It is ok be in confusion and awe over your ability to act like a child but hey, kids have the most fun and least worries.
  • Believe that you are a rock star. Why let others be in control of how you feel about yourself? Having fun acting like a fool is sure to get you some funny looks.
  • Blame it on the alcohol. A blubbering lush is unlikely to win over anyone, I can promise you that. Who doesn’t like blaming something else?
  • Laugh at yourself. I always say I am the cheapest form of entertainment. When you make a fool of yourself and you will, hopefully the next day when you are the talk of it all, you can laugh along with everyone else.

So there you have it in all my glory. I was a rock star for a night and I only hope there are more nights like that to come just maybe next time I will have a little more control and a little less vodka.

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