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The one desire that every person has in common is Freedom. Our country was founded on: “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. So I challenge you to THINK about that and what it means to you. Thinking for yourself is something that is hard to do and it is why so few people do it. Because people don’t think is the exact reason why most people feel trapped yet they live in a country that is founded on independence and freedom.

Fear of the unknown is greater than the reality that we actually face.

When I tell people about what I am getting ready to set out and do the number one thing I hear is people saying how jealous they are that I am able to follow my dreams. When someone expresses this to me, I ask them why they don’t follow theirs. The number one excuse I hear is that they can’t afford to. My response is always, how can you afford not to?

When we are kid we take more risks and enjoy living life more always being told if you can imagine, you can achieve. Yet it seems ironic to me the older we get the smarter we are “suppose” to be, yet we forget what life is about. As a kid we take risks because recovery isn’t as scary and we have those around us to help us if we get hurt. So when does this end and why?

Dreams are hard to achieve, that is why they are “dreams”. When we are young, parents encourage us to dream. As we get older, we are told to be more realistic because not everyone can make it big. So as we grow older we start doubting and it start letting go of the possibility of our dreams.  No one wants to see someone fail which produces fear and doubt. No one wants to be the person that fails because then they hear the phrase “I told you so”.

In the movie Up in the Air George Cloney’s character says to the guy who he is firing, “kids love athletes because they follow their dream” then he asks “How much did they first pay you to give up on your dreams?”… “And when were you going to stop and come back and do what makes you happy?”

Sometimes people lose sight of their dreams for the constant paycheck. Making a dream a reality is HARD work. Anyone who has achieved their dreams will tell you this. Yet, somehow we let fear stand in our way and we think it is easier to give up those dreams. We talk ourselves out of our dreams to avoid failure but the reality is that is fear because we don’t know. Those who aren’t afraid to go after their dreams are the ones that find success.  It comes down to how bad you want your dreams.

If you don’t chase your dreams, you will never catch them.

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