Something that I think most people are missing in the world is sticking with outdated career goals that become elusive. We are taught to go to college and after college there will be this job waiting for us. It is the perceived light at the end of the tunnel. I say perceived because once we get through college we expect to see the light yet we have so far to go. Education doesn’t equal jobs.

I went through this. I got a degree in Sociology and got out of college and thought “NOW WHAT?” I tried to find my way and found out that college doesn’t equal the job of our dreams. My sister just graduated and came to Cali but went back to Kansas. Today she tells me she might be coming back to Cali because reality has struck.

Matt has his PhD and is over educated and over qualified. He is out here in Cali trying to get a job and gets interviews followed by rejection. There is no shame in that. It is reality.

These events have inspired me to write this today and I can’t emphasis enough:

It isn’t what you know, it is who you know. 

There are 2 avenues that you can take in careers and that is passive or active.

You can be the passive person that secures a job and tries to play it safe so that you don’t get fired. You can chose not to take risks at work and turn your back at things that you don’t agree with. Slowly you become obsolete and nothing sets you apart. Eventually you get laid off or fired and now you are out of a job. Not keeping skills current and not networking it can take a year to get a new job maybe even longer. Once you find a job you may be stepping down positions just to get your foot in the door. That is UNDEREMPLOYMENT. It happens just like that and so many people fall victim to this. According to CNN 80% of jobs are not advertised because employers turn to their employees for referrals.

Then there is the active people who take a job to get their foot in the door from the start. Probably underpaid and hating most of their time performing their tasks. Yet this person has an objective and learns as much as they can from the job. Using every opportunity to network and works at becoming an expert in their field. They out grow their current position but by now the network of colleagues and acquaintances has grown and the active person can tap into the power of connections. In fact they are professionally emancipated always keeping other possibilities on the back burner and becomes emancipated in their career. This person works with companies and not for them.

  • Whenever you get complacent in your career (and in life) you will find yourself in the “disposable” pile. 
  • The people you surround yourself with should think like you.
  • Don’t let outdated skills and people with a limited mindset, hold you back.
  • Take risks (calculated ones of course).
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  • Keep yourself in the game and don’t sit on the sidelines.
  • Be unconventional and don’t be afraid to knock on doors.

When it comes to jobs and careers, I am obviously no guru in landing the perfect job and keeping it. However, since I am into marketing I will say it is all about marketing yourself. Job or no job you have to stay on top of your game. Most importantly believe in yourself know that you are worth whatever you have to offer. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?



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