Everyone is going through their own journey and has endured pain. The amount pain influences decisions we make and when we hold onto pain, our outward actions tend to reflect that pain we feel inside. Everyone has been there. We’ve all been selfish, insensitive and hurt someone that was innocent. We are humans and being flawed comes with the territory.

Lately I have been asking myself so many questions. How do you continue to love someone when they have hurt you so bad? So how do you forgive a person when everything inside of you wants to fight back?  Show love. Compassion. Strength. Most of all, forgive. I keep reminding myself how much forgiveness means to me. I have been forgiven in the past when I didn’t deserve it and it meant the world to me.

What I do know about forgiveness from past experience is that it is empowering. Hard as hell. It is the high road and finding the strength is hard. But I do know if I don’t forgive I am hurting myself more than anyone else. Forgiveness really is a journey. A journey towards healing. And there is nothing easy about forgiveness. Forgiveness takes courage and strength.

They say actions speak louder than words. I have voiced forgiveness but today I realize that actions need to show forgiveness. When you remember why you love that person you find that unconditional love is about forgiveness. I don’t want to keep holding onto an ugly past event when I have the potential to create beautiful memories in the future. So here we are on the journey headed towards forgiveness and letting go. Learning to love…..unconditionally.

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