UMUC Commencement

So this weekend Matt and I went to UMUC Commencement. They dressed Matt up and he sat on stage. I didn’t even go to my own college graduation so I wasn’t about to sit through another. So, of course I waited during the ceremony at the hotel bar.


Afterwards they had some finger foods and since I had not ate all day, the guy serving the roast beef sliders got to see me like 4-5 times. He didn’t seem to mind.



Afterwards, we sat around talking. We were going to catch the 8:30 bus but Matt wanted to get his party on so we waited till about 10.


I was a bit worried because I decided to wear dress and some not so comfortable but very cute shoes. However, I knew doing the train would mean lots of walking.

So of course Matt met the Colonel Sanders, we got lost for 2 seconds, there was walking, and standing, and waiting. Did I say my shoes suck?

So after the train, we had about a 5 minute walk that turned into 10+ because I had to “rest” my blistered feet. I honestly do not know how girls do it. My feet literally had blisters all over them. I did however remember to get a photo of Matt and I on our journey to the apartment. It was a day of success and fun!

Graduation-13 Graduation-14 Graduation-15 Graduation-16

We LOVE Japan!



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