Ukai Fishing Gifu Japan

Wednesday of last week we started a week long trip around the southern part of Japan. The only plans we had ¬†were we were going south, we had camping supplies, and we would figure it out as we went. I had done some research before leaving about some things we could possibly do but nothing was set. The first night we didn’t even know where we would end up. We left around 2 and headed south. We ended up in a town called Gifu around 7pm. One of the main attractions there is Ukai Fishing aka Comorant Fishing. It is where fishing masters use comorant birds to get fish. They tie a rope around their necks and the birds swim till they get a fish. The master then pulls the bird into the boat to retrieve the fist from the bird. After the fishing tour we drove about 2 hours to a camp ground called Makino Sunny Beach Chnai-hama Auto Camp Jo. There was absolutely no one there. Since we had drove all that way we decided to go ahead and set up camp. By morning it was raining so we got up early and headed towards Kyoto to see some shrines.

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