Turkey, Eggs, and Crocs

I met Erika Saturday and everything went good. Matt went with me and she brought her family (husband and 2 boys). It was nice getting to talk to her about things and about life. We also talked about Sean and things that went on. It was really nice for me to spend time with someone that knew Sean on a personal level. What I realized most from that is that the past is something we can’t change and we can have hopes for a future but that isn’t a¬†guarantee.¬†What do do have is right now and Erika and I made the most of what we have. I am so thankful that she opened her heart to trying to understand the bigger picture.

On a lighter note….Sunday we had family time with Matt’s family. So we fried a turkey, made some grub, watched some sports, and played some games (the kids even found eggs). My Pen Pal (Jimmy) came over and hung out also and that was a lot of fun getting to know him. I haven’t been the best at taking pictures lately to document what has been going on up here but here are a few for you to look at (Please note Matt’s form of birth control or to some they are known as Crocs):


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