Trying to Catch my Prince

So last night they took me out froggin’. Frog hunting is something I had never done before. So, we went out in a boat in a bayou. When going down the bayou, you shine a light on the banks and look for the eyes of a frog and the white belly. Of course I couldn’t spot the frogs   at all till we were close to them.

I started out riding in the back spot lighting. The rule was, once you missed you got the boot and had to sit at the back of the boat. When my turn was up we pulled up to the bank in the boat. They were using a gig but the frog was in a position that I could grab it with my hands. My little prince I was about to catch was sitting under a branch. They had a light held in his eyes and my job was to reach down and grab him and squeeze so he couldn’t get away. As I reached down I hesitated for a bit and with some encouragement I reached out and snagged him. No getting away now. I had him and he was mine all mine.

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