Trip to the Beach

Wednesday we tried to go to the dog park and it was closed. So we set off to another dog park and it was closed also. Since things weren’t going according to what we planned we decided to make a trip to the beach. It is only 7 miles from where we live. I was still in my work clothes and not exactly ready for the beach but why not?

Roxy loved the beach, she just didn’t love the water. In fact she was scared of the waves and would pull against the leash. I was really proud of her though. She got to the point that once the water would calm for a few seconds she would run after me deeper into the water.

I brought that up because I know she was afraid like we often are in life. The only time we have a chance to show our bravery is when we are scared. Being brave is about doing things regardless of the fears we have to overcome yet we do it anyway.

Whenever you are faced with a hard choice to face your fears or not, you always run the risk of something ‘going wrong’. To face it head on anyway requires one to be brave and sometimes all we need is a little encouragement.



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