Flight to/from Bangkok $82- Travel Hacking

Recently I have been getting questions about travel hacking so I thought I would give an example of flights I booked. I am headed to SE Asia in the fall and booked a tickets from the US to Bangkok-United, then Bangkok back to London-American Airlines (where I will be living). The total of these flights were $81.80. Yes, you read that right!!!

Again, the total is $81.80 but here is the proof:

So how do I do it. First, it starts with opening credit cards and being responsible. Credit card companies offer flight/hotel bonuses.

Example: United

Their branded credit card through Chase gives you 40,000 miles when you spend $2k in 3 months. So you spend that amount, PAY IT OFF IMMEDIATELY (this is the responsible part) and have a one way ticket to just about anywhere United flies. Do this with multiple cards, including branded hotel cards, and you now have a very cheap vacation anywhere in the world.

To keep track of all my cards and spending I use a website called mint my Intuit: https://www.mint.com/ There I can log into 1 portal and see all my accounts.

There is a whole society of people out there that do “travel hacking” so if you are interested, I suggest you google it. Here are a few of my favorite sites to get you started:




Here is a site that shows you good flight deals:

Secret Flying – Cheap Flight Deals


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