Train in Japan

So, we took the train for the first time. Matt has to work 2 days away at the Navy base. So we set out on an adventure and took the train. It was so interesting. What we noticed:

1. English is everywhere.

2. They don’t talk much on the train. It is considered rude.

3. What did we do before smart phones?  So many people looked at their phone the entire trip. They don’t talk to each other so they have a great relationship with their phone.

4. Little girls aren’t scared to fall asleep on complete strangers (it happened to me).

5. The train is still packed at midnight.

6. Each train was different. We had to switch 3 times.

These pictures will help you get an idea of what we did. Though we didn’t ride anything that required someone to push people on the train, we did ride some that were busy and some not so much.

If you ever travel to Japan, the train system is super easy. Download the app Hyperdia and you will  be golden. It tells you what train to get on at what time. The train system has English and even buying tickets is easy.

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