Together Everyone Achieves More

I am headed to an area in Louisiana where duck hunting is popular so it has made me think a lot about it.  Ducks fly as a group in a V formation. I bring this up because I was talking to someone the other day about leaning on others. I personally have a hard time asking for help but it is something I work on.  I think we can learn something from birds.

It is more efficient to be a part of a team. If we are smart, we will take part in a team and rely on others to help us like the bird formation. These formations are important for a number of reasons: It helps conserve energy for the group. If a bird falls out of formation, another bird will fall out with them till they can get back to the group. The birds at the back often speak out to encourage those at the front of the formation. When the front bird gets tired, they will fall back and let another bird take the lead.

What I take from this is that if we are willing to take part in something bigger than ourselves, we can get where we want to go quicker and more efficiently. We have to be willing to allow others to encourage us and fall back with us for us to move forward. Being a part of a team is important if we want to achieve more.

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