Time is Real

Yesterday I went to the dentist. The girl taking my x-rays said “you just turned 30, how does it feel?”

As first I was shocked in the fact that she paid attention to my birthday to know that in the first place. Second, why did she want to know my take on getting older? I explained I did enough in my 20’s I felt I was ready to take on my 30’s. It was then she expressed to me her dissatisfaction for what she did in her 20’s and how her 30’s weren’t getting any better.

So I thought…. Here is a girl that hates her job and what she is doing with life, yet she carries on day after day.

So what if you hate your job right?

I mean it gives you security of a roof over your head and that new flat screen TV. So you show up on time, usually. You do what you need to do and hope to move up. To you this is real life.


If you think what you are doing in life is real …. be given 6 months to live. 

I can bet you wouldn’t waste your time doing a job you don’t like. And I also bet you wouldn’t be wasting 2 hours a day watching your tv or care so much about what kind of car is sitting in your driveway. Making first impressions becomes easier because who cares what people think when you only have a few months to live? Or what about failing? That becomes easier too because ruined “forever” means 6 months. My point is, things that we think are “real” now, aren’t real in the big picture of life.

Matt is turning 40 next month and just today he mentioned how he isn’t ready for it. Sorry to say sweetheart, I had to turn 30 and the world didn’t care so be ready because 40 will be knocking for you soon.

Harsh? Time is a harsh reality. Time is moving forward. You don’t get to change your mind and do it over. That moment you want back now is gone forever.

Time is real. 

I was given a gift from someone a few years back that thought they were cursing me. Because of that I learned that life isn’t meant to be lived in bubble wrap and I had to start living for me. No one else. Today I had to remind myself of this. I had to get real with myself and push myself to uncomfortable. If it pains me in the long run, so be it. I heal and I move forward. When you walk willingly into discomfort, you know you are experiencing the real. No one wants to feel pain but life isn’t meant to be lived through a filter. Ok maybe your life is but not me. I don’t want to be the girl at work telling a stranger that the life I live is not adequate. I don’t want to look back on my years saying I wish…..




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