Throw a Dart at a Map

So… I am trying to figure out where to move and the whole job situation. I found a quiz that tells you which city you should live in and guess what I got AUSTIN!! So Austin is #2 on my list of places I want to live. I am open to a whole bunch of locations but I have preferences.


So I am a huge wimp when it comes to being cold. I hate it. Everything about it. I can’t emphasize this enough. Cold makes me a grump and nobody wants to be around me when I get that way. Believe me. So in looking for a place to live, I would ‘prefer’ something on the warmer side year round. I love being outside and active and I need it to be nice so I can be active like riding my bike and playing sports. Plus I love ice cream, it is best when it is warm outside. DUH!

Small Town Feel

I like the things the city offers with a small town feel. Don’t expect me to live in the middle of a major city because that isn’t me. I love the cities that feel like they are small. Something about having everything you want at your fingertips but still having a community feeling. Suburbs or country is more my style. I would take a double wide on 10 acres over downtown NYC any day.

Sports and Live Music

These are probably 2 of my favorite activities to do when I am in a location. I love going to sporting events (is it football season yet?) and who doesn’t like some good live music? Wherever I go must have these things within driving distance for the weekend.

Pet Friendly

I am an animal LOVER. I want to be able to take my dog EVERYWHERE I go. Seriously. I think that dogs are awesome and I want to be able to go with them everywhere. I foster a lot of dogs too and socialization is really good for them.


This is not me being nerdy (I am artsy and better than that so you best recognize)!!! This is me trying to get Matt to follow me somewhere so I can continue to see if he is a quality guy. In order for this to happen, there has to be science jobs (or teaching). So bring on the science and the nerd.

It is going to come down to where I get job offers to better my career. I have had some really good interviews and I have a few more coming up. So it is going to come down to the best package deal all around. If nothing appeals I may try this method


Ultimately, I will go with my instinct. If I make a mistake in judgement, I move again….and again… and again….

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