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So last night Matt and I watched (ok so I started to watch before I fall asleep which I do at just about any movie) ‘This is 40’.. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, here is the trailer.

A lot of things I couldn’t relate to because I am not married nor do I have kids, however, I did enjoy the candid nature in which the movie was making fun of life.

That inspired me to think about what a movie would look like if I was making fun of my age. Next year I will be 30 while is a ‘milestone’ in aging terms. Here are some things that I would make fun of in my own movie about turning 30.

Lying about my age for the first time. 

When you are 20’s you are allowed to be in this state of uncertainty and unknown identity. I can see when I am 30 that will be a time I start considering lying about my age.

Not sure who I am 

This I can envision a lot of clothing changes, hairstyles, music preferences etc… I think leading up to 30 you are at this state of not knowing preferences and on a path of self discovery. Personality changes here more than any other decade.

Commitment issues seems to be a reoccurring theme

I know that leading upto 30’s commitment issues seem to come up. A LOT. It seems like once you hit 30’s you should have life figured out at least somewhat. I know that up in till this point, commitment to a career, location, relationship partners, children etc… can easily be explained because I am still young enough not to know better and to be figuring it out. As it comes closer to my 30’s it seems like society deems it more necessary to have things figured out.

Now for a funny video on turning 30.

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