Things I Have Learned

So today at lunch I told my common cheesy line about the only 2 reliable men that have never let me down are Ben & Jerry. I love ice cream needless to say. So it got me to thinking about lessons learned in life and here are a few of mine that I hope can help you…

  1. Ben & Jerry have always come through when I need them.
  2. I can make a stranger’s day by going out of my way to be nice.
  3. Heroes do what has to be done when few others will do it.
  4. It takes a long time to become the person I want to be.
  5. Nothing turns out like I pictured that it would.
  6. The less I have, the more it does for me.
  7. Happiness is a choice and is what I make of life.
  8. When I think I have no more to give, I do.
  9. Trying new things  and stepping out of my comfort zone is often rewarding.
  10. Passion fades.
  11. Reacting to a situation is easier than thinking about it.
  12. Yelling makes things worse.
  13. Chocolate is worth the calories.
  14. I have the right to be angry but doesn’t mean I have to be jerk.
  15. Someone can love me with all they have even if it isn’t on my terms.
  16. My problems are my responsibility, no matter what caused it.
  17. It is hard to know when to stand up for what I believe in and when to walk away.
  18. Those who complain the most, usually are doing the least about it.
  19. What I see, is only what I think I see.
  20. Blame is a way to avoid responsibility.
  21. I have to control my attitude or else it will control me.
  22. That I can do something in an instant that will affect me a lifetime.
  23. The only person I can 100% count on is myself.
  24. Dogs can show the best example of love.
  25. Fries taste good when dipped in ice cream. Wendy’s frosty is the best for this.
  26. Life is tough but I am tougher.
  27. An Oreo always taste better with milk.
  28. The grass isn’t greener on the other side.
  29. There is no key to success, only hard work
  30. Every day is worth a smile.

What are some things that you have learned?

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