They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore

The other day Matt shared with me how he feels about his dad so when I saw that song it hit me that is how he was describing his relationship with his dad. I got to thinking about people that I feel that way about. So I want to share with you my great grandma that we called “Granny”

I remember as a very young kid going to Granny and Grandpa’s house. I don’t remember much about Grandpa because I was too young. I do remember the way Granny took care of him. He was old and couldn’t eat solids so she always made him chocolate malts (using the malt powder that I loved to put in). I just realized this is probably where my love for ice cream comes from. That was my favorite thing to do with Granny. As a kid I remember thinking that is what getting old is like. You take care of each other by making chocolate malts. I couldn’t wait to get old so I could do that every day. Of course mom wouldn’t let me have chocolate malts every day so I thought being old was the best. To watch my Granny be so caring for my Grandpa, I was sure that I would be her someday.

I never saw Granny raise her voice. Ever. My mom said Granny spanked her one time because my mom ran into the street. My Granny cried and cried for days. Then when Granny called my mom on the phone my mom asked is that my mean grandma and then wouldn’t talk to her. Made my Granny cry even more.

Granny was always taking care of everyone. If you went to her house she wanted to give you everything she could to make you happy. She had these pink mints, sugar cookies and ranch crackers (that to this day I love to make). As a very young child, I remember thinking she was the perfect person. She loved everyone so much and did whatever she could to make sure you were happy.

She loved having the family together. Before she had to go to a nursing home she lived with my Aunt Verlyn in Tulsa. The first time I saw her there she had pictures all over her room of the family and my Grandpa. She always would look at the pictures with me because I loved to remember those days as a little girl at her house. We would talk about them a lot.

My last memory of her was I went to visit her at the nursing home. She had¬†alzheimer’s. When I went there I ran and gave her a big hug because it had been years. After I was done she asked who are you? I said “Granny, it is me, Sherese, I am big now and ohh how I have missed you.” She just looked with a blank stare. I said “Granny, remember we made malts together for Grandpa”. Nothing. As a kid I didn’t understand so I went to the side of the room and cried. I didn’t understand how my favorite old person could forget me.¬†I remember that even after they tried to explain I still didn’t get how someone could just forget all those times.

Looking back remembering Granny, I remember how much I looked up to her as a little girl. I was going to be her when I grew up and to this day that has never changed. I know for sure….They Don’t Make Them Like That Anymore.

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