The Year of Lance- “Feeding My Soul”

So in trying to come up with what to write today, I played around on Youtube, Facebook, got on some of my blogs I like to read and tried to figure out what to write about that would somehow motivate my readers.

I could talk about last nights digs but who really wants to hear about my night of sushi with Matt & Greg and drinking at the Blue Moon again? Needless to say, I didn’t workout today and that was a fail on my part. Double time tomorrow!

Instead, I will let someone else motivate you for today. My friend Lance hit my up and he started writing a blog. So I went and checked it out while I was trying to figure out what to write. Then I checked back a bit later and he had shared something on his blog that I had posted on mine. So, I thought I would do a shout out back  at him and share something he wrote that I think is good for many people and I figured my readers would like. It is much more motivating than my going out stories.

He is worthy of checking out as he is a good writer and funny which leads to being easily entertained. Plus it gets me off the hook of coming up with something to write at this time of the day. Thanks for the shout out Lance, here is mine back atcha!

The Year of Lance- “Feeding My Soul”


Here is what Lance wrote:

Accept compliments

– I was always afraid people would think I was vain if I simply said “thank you” to their compliment.  I didn’t think that way of other people if they said thank you, so why was I preventing myself from accepting this verbal gift from friends??

Don’t negate compliments

– In addition to not accepting compliments, I would negate them (i.e., “Handsome?  No way, I’m hideous!”).  This is so self-destructive. Never again!

Don’t give yourself negative labels

– When I’d go upstairs to get something, get distracted, and then come back downstairs without the item I originally wanted to get, I’d laugh and call myself an idiot for forgetting.  These little remarks chip away at your soul.  I call it “Death by a Thousand Cuts”.

Surround yourself with positivity

– Keep friends who are supportive of you, eliminate those who aren’t.  I’m referring to “friends” who make comments that make you feel badly about yourself, minimize/poke fun at your successes, or cause you to think endlessly and angrily about something they said.

This method isn’t the magic spell that will make everything better for everyone.  These are the things I identified I needed to address to start feeding my soul.  I can honestly say, I’m the happiest now than I’ve been in over 20 years.  I feel better about myself, and I’m no longer afraid to put myself out there.  Feed your soul and do what makes you happy.  Seriously.

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