The Value of Following Your Dreams

We all have dreams. Ever since we were kids, we have always kindled a fire deep inside us. “I want to be a _______”. We all had dreams to save the world.  Our innocent little wishes were not merely products of our wild imaginations. They were proof that despite our young minds, we were already dreamers.

 We are all dreamers.Growing up and going through all of life’s changes, some faithful ones might have held on tight to their dreams and fought for them. There are some whose dreams have changed as they have, but nonetheless, they are joyful too, with chasing their new dreams. However, there are those of us who grew tired; whose fire died and they’re just sitting there, staring at the ashes of the dream that was.

Life is full of challenges and it is easy to get discouraged.We fall down but we get back up. When we have lost in our fight for our dreams, we dust the frustration off and continue on the struggle. We remind ourselves of the value of following our dreams.

Growth comes in following our dreams. When we struggle, we step out of our comfort zone to make necessary sacrifices. The disappointments that we encounter as we chase our dreams teach us resilience and patience. It mirrors to us our weaknesses allowing us the chance to correct what we are doing wrong. If we let the journey to our dreams change us positively, we become stronger and wiser. We grow.

We encounter numerous risks in the pursuit of our dreams. As we hurdle these challenges, we develop courage. We face our fears eye to eye and from this, we do not only learn to overcome tribulation but also ourselves. In the fight for our dreams, we come out more self-confident and braver. We find ourselves ready for whatever life has to throw at us.

If we do not have a dream to pursue, we are stuck with nowhere to go. Following our dreams gives us direction. It gives us a purpose to live and fight for. Without it, we are practically going circles and that’s not the way to live.

Following our dreams is the best gift that we can give to ourselves. Nobody is going to hand over the fulfillment of our wishes to us. We have to be willing to claim them for ourselves. In times of despair and disappointment, do not lose hope. Keep the dream burning inside of you. Let the flame dance as the winds blow but do not let it die.

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