The Power of Friends

Last night I went to dinner with my best friend Amber. We have had “date night” for the last 9 months once a week on Thursday. When I walked out of my house to go meet her, I was overwhelmed with what was taking place and started to cry. I met Amber about 3 years ago in my MBA program. Inspiring is what Amber is. She is beautiful inside and out, an amazing mother, and I am blessed to call her a friend. Walking to my car, I knew this would be one of my last date nights with her and it was a hard thing to face because I have just been through some of the hardest months of my life and she was there, every step of the way. I felt like I was leaving her.

So as I am driving to see her I was thinking about what date night has meant to me. Then came the fear. I didn’t want date nights to end they made me feel safe. Fear is natural, fear is what holds us back. So I am trying to process it all and figure out a way to look at it in a positive way and to overcome those fears.

We meet and talk about my plans and she is exactly what I expect. She is so encouraging giving me all these ideas of where I should go such as Cali, Europe, Colorado and sharing in all my excitement. PLUS she was my voice of reason, telling me things I should do to protect myself such as make copies of my ID, get a new more economical car, keep a database of where I am at all times so the outside world can access it in case something happens etc…

On my drive home I am thinking about everything, trying not to get emotional and trying to figure out my fear of leaving her and many other of my wonderful friends I have made. It isn’t easy to leave a life you have made for yourself behind. Society tells us to go to school, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids and retire. Then one day most wake up and realize they are in all this debt and they can’t stop working, they become trapped. People hope that more money will solve their problems, so they work more to earn more.

I am going over everything in my mind and what I realized is that we fear what we don’t know. We fear being without our friends because if we need help, who will be there? We fear of being without a steady paycheck because without one, how will we pay our bills? So here I am confronting my fears, trying to figure out how I can overcome them. I get it (I think). Most people react to fear instead of confronting fear and formulating a solution to overcome those fears. So instead of letting fear dictate my life and staying “safe” I am going to challenge my emotions to find a solution. I want to think instead of react to emotions.

I have concluded that in overcoming my fear, I have to know that I will have a fortune no matter where I go because my friends will always be with me. Maybe not geographically close but they will be supporting me every step of the way. It is my relationships with friends and family as well as the people I meet in my journey through life, that make me rich. For all of those who inspire me I am forever grateful.


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