The Point of the Walk…

Mike invited me to go to an event where they were making Thanksgiving baskets. A few past co-workers get together and buy things to put in baskets to give to families. Everything goes in these baskets including the serving platter, knives, coloring books, all the food you would need for a Thanksgiving dinner and then some. They have been doing this for 9 years. It is so nice to spend time with people that are about giving to others and giving from the heart. They get no recognition and the families that get the baskets will never even meet them. It is true giving from the heart because nothing is expected in return. Brings a smile to my face.

There is a different level of satisfaction that comes from giving. What most people selfish people don’t understand that giving also includes receiving. Since starting this journey a few months ago my heart has taken on a major transformation. My desire to help others grows every day. When I see someone smile, laugh, express their gratitude or knowing I made someone’s life easier, if even fore a moment, deepens my happiness in my heart. Giving is really just a gift to everyone involved. Giving doesn’t have to be monetary. The gift of time is the best gift you can give. Time is our most valuable resource since it can’t be replenished. If you want to make someone feel important, give them time, even if it is just a moment. Time is a gift from the heart.

The baskets were compiled at a Dog Daycare. I took Roxy so that she could socialize and make new friends. Roxy has got to the point now where she is begs to get on the road and be in the car. As I write this blog, she is whining to me. It has become OUR way of life. Adventure of a lifetime, sharing and meeting with others, time together and spreading love.

After we were done, Mike asked if we wanted to go explore a park. What humbles me is knowing that Mike wants to make the best of my time here in any way he can. He includes me in what he does, he finds things that I want to do and shares my adventure with those we come in contact with. Roxy and I joined Mike and Pete (Mike’s friend) on a trip through the park. My favorite part of the walk was seeing this old couple. They were slow and you could tell that it was a lot for them to be out walking the park. You could tell by looking at them that they loved being there. I snapped a pic and we kept going.

Towards the end of the walk I could see the couple up ahead. I knew I had to talk to them. They were residents of Boston area and walked the park every Sunday. They had lived in the area since 1956. While talking I expressed how nice it was to see them and how it warmed my heart and the lady smiled at me and said “the point of the walk is to enjoy life”.

To everyone reading this, today my gift to you was given to me from a stranger I met in a park.  “The point of the ‘walk’ is to enjoy life


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