The Gift of Sharing

When we were kids, we were always encouraged to share our toys. Our parents weren’t merely saying such to pacify us when we were being bratty. Our parents were teaching us an important value that we need to live happier lives in the future.

Sharing the Intangible

Sharing is not limited only for people who have financial resources to spare. Sharing is for everyone. What we share does not necessarily need to have monetary value. Sometimes the best things that we can share are priceless yet truly valuable ones like our ideas, time and effort. They are not tangible. They cannot fill an empty stomach or make a debt go away either. However, they can change lives and touch hearts.


Sharing Ideas

Sometimes we hesitate to share our ideas. They are already at the tip of our tongue but we hold back thinking that our ideas might not matter. Insecurities can also prevent us from sharing what we think to others. We think that our ideas might not be enough; that there is always someone smarter in the room who has a better idea. As long as it is a positive one, your idea can mean the world to someone. The words trapped inside your head can be the very words that someone else needs to hear so do not be afraid to share them to others.


Sharing Time

Time is the most precious thing that we have in this world. Whether it is a minute or just a second, once it is expended it can never be taken back. That is why time is one of the best gifts that we can give to others. We do not need grand gestures or expensive things to make others feel that we sincerely care for them. Sometimes, just being there beside them and spending even just a little of our time with them can make all the difference in the world.



Live happier, learn to share.

The truth about sharing is, when we share what we have, it is not others who benefit the most from the act. It is ourselves. We share thinking that we are healing others when the truth is, sharing heals us. It fattens up our heart with love and compassion. It brings peace to our minds knowing that we have helped another. Live happier, learn to share.


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