The Climb

So we start off the morning by Kyle taking me to the armory to do a crossfit type workout with a buddy of his. We get there and there are kids there learning about guns and doing basic drills. So we get to going and we flip huge tires. Then we throw a medicine ball around for awhile. I am out of shape, I’ll leave it at that.

Next we get back to the house because he has to go to class. He learns his class is cancelled and asks if I want to go for a hike to see a waterfall. Of course I do.. So we are off.

We do some cool terrain and parts of the trail meet up with the Appalachian Trail


We get to an area and he says here it is. So I stop and take a picture. I said I wanted to hike and it was a waterfall (kinda) and everything was cool. Except for the fact my legs were smoked.

We keep going and I am thinking about saying how sore I am and we come across an older couple out walking. Then my pride gets in the way and says if they can do it, I need to stop being such a wuss thinking about how much my legs hurt. We keep going till we get to this:

I am so thankful I didn’t quit because this was well worth the hike. Kyle asks me if I wanted to climb to the top. I am thinking that my legs hurt so bad but remember you only live once. I agree to go to the top only thing is I have to climb the rock wall to get up over to it.

Here is the view at one point during the climb

At one point Kyle stops to help Titan (his German Shepherd) get up the rocks.

Again so thankful I kept going because the view was amazing.

This is the point that Kyle decided he was going to jump down to the next ledge. Talk about living on the edge. It wasn’t too far but there was water he had to clear to make it to a dry rock. I wasn’t that brave. I did however slide down the rock into the water.

Here is the jump

Looking up at the rocks on the way back down

Ended up to be a 4.7 mile hike total that we did in under 2 hours. So what I have to say is keep climbing. Good things come to people that work for them. There are times I wanted to give up and turn around but I didn’t. At the end you come out stronger and gain confidence through the experience of doing something you didn’t think you could. Just remember that you can’t experience the view without being willing to take climb.

Afterwards we met up with Kristin to eat some BBQ. Ridgewood BBQ. Here they put coleslaw on there sandwiches and we had fries dipped in blue cheese too. This place was a real treat.

We ended the day by a group of us going to a haunted house called Frightmare Manor. It has 4 different attractions and if you complete them all, you get your money back. We did the house, the woods, and the maze.The last one is like fear factor. It was eating 3 cockroaches, eating pig guts, and drinking something from the toilet. They said only 4 people have completed it this season.

Here is our picture

This video tells you the story about the place.

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