The Adventure

Matt and I packed up the car and started for our drive out West. We didn’t know for sure where we would end up but was going to be an adventure.


On the drive we stopped to see Rhonda and Mira. It was a nice surprise when my friend Amanda drove with her husband hours to come spend time with us too. It humbled me that so many people in the last week had been so incredible to me and so supportive.

I love my life and the ones in it


On our drive I got a job offer from the job I had interviewed for in Cali. I had a number of offers that week but I was interested the most in that job because of the location and the job was marketing for a photography equipment accessory company. I accepted the offer and at that point we knew where we were headed. I say we because Matt was bold enough to take the adventure of moving to Cali. He has my heart for sure.


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