Thankful for the Little Things

Today is a day that we remind ourselves of what we are thankful for. I try to remind myself daily but the holidays always bring it to the forefront of my thoughts. I have seen on Facebook the last few weeks, people posting what they are thankful for daily.

Yesterday I drove from Boston to the NYC area (actually in Jersey). I had plenty of time to think as I battled the holiday traffic. For awhile on my drive I was homesick. During the holidays we always tend to remind ourselves of everything we are thankful for in our lives. I was feeling sorry for myself.

Last year I was with the Flagler family that has been nothing short of amazing to me and has always included me in the family. I got to go to the firehouse and see my husband and be with people that had to work and were saving lives while everyone enjoying theirs. I got upset for awhile and it made me miss my friends and family.

During the drive I couldn’t stand to think about how life was at one point. I was madly in love with someone else who was in madly in love with me. In what felt like a moment without warning, it all slipped away. At the time, I thought I could fight but it was so much stronger than I knew. When I realized I was in over my head, I had gone to far. I had to remind myself: it was no longer a fight for love, it was a fight for life that brought me to this point today.

I let myself hurt for awhile and feel the pain of the memories. I tried to make sense of why it hurt so bad. The only thing I could come up with is that I miss having the power of such intense love with someone else. I reminded myself that I am in love with life way more than I have ever been. In that, I found hope. Hope that someday I can be in love with life like I am now and have the intense love with someone that shares the love for life like I do.

In a short amount of time, I felt a mix of emotions. I knew I couldn’t stay like that because I have more now than I have ever had and for that I am thankful. Sometimes we forget that there are people out there that want so bad the things we take for granted. I learned that when you say something, you believe your own words and through practice that becomes your reality. Happiness is what I want which during part of my drive I was taking for granted. So I changed my attitude by changing my thoughts.

Being thankful is a choice and so is being happy. Choose to be thankful, to be positive and to be happy.

The rest of my drive, I remembered the little things in life and stopped feeling sorry for myself. I let myself hurt but knew I needed to make sense of it the best I could and move on. That is exactly what I focused on and I was able to smile.

“Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

My destination was with some friends I met 5 years ago in St Thomas at a photography workshop. Igor and Lucy. I arrived and met their 2 kids for the first time. I have visited them in NYC a few times but never met the kids. We went to dinner and all we did was laugh and laugh. Like I said, it’s the simple things….

If you are reading this: THANK YOU!!!!!

Remember it isn’t the happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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