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So, whenever I get a stab at the TV remote which is rare around my place  since I live with a guy, I love to turn on TED Talks. Tonight Matt happened to be at basketball so as soon as I got home from my walk I go to Netflix and turn on a TED Talk.

Let me explain for those that don’t know, TED Talks are a short exclusive “invite only” talk that they video and put on the web. Now one may think, how boring but hear me out…

I don’t know about you but seeing as how I don’t have a lot of time, I love to get information about the topics I enjoy, quickly. It is the same reason college kids all know about cliff notes. In fact, the Talks are like a college lecture, minus the expensive tuition bill and I am not hung over as I ‘pretend’ to listen.

These talks are complex ideas that are short and engaging. So the next time that you talk to me about a topic I know very little about but pretend that I am “knowledgeable” you can pretty much assume that all my knowledge comes from a 20 minute TED Talk.


Here is one of my favorite authors and an example of a TED Talk.

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