Tavel Hacking- Earn Your First FREE Flight

So, you want to travel but not sure where to start and think you can’t afford it. Think again. I highly suggest you research “travel hacking”. What this blog contains is a jump start on inexpensive travel.


Travel hackers are the people looking for every possible way to earn as much FREE travel possible- legally. The base of all of that is earning reward points to exchange for FREE travel. This post should get you started and you should earn a free international flight (or more) with 15 minutes of work.

Step One: Sign up for the new Chase Sapphire Reserve  However, there are some things you might want to know first

  • Spend: $4,000 on the credit card in 3 months time.
  • Your reward: 100,000 points that can be transferred to a number of different airline & hotel partners. Meaning that you can guarantee yourself at least one international flight and one domestic flight. Let me just say I have been doing this for ears and I have NEVER seen a bonus this good.
  • Annual Fee: $450 . HOWEVER, you get $300 statement credit towards travel. Meaning, book a hotel room and then apply the credit to that purchase. If you are spending at least $300 in travel already, this means the fee is more like $150. It also gives you $100 application fee for TSA and Global Pre check. If you use this, that means it is only a $50 annual fee. CRAZY good.
  •  Access to 900+ airport lounges.
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Travel insurance on a number of different things such as luggage, trip delay, rental cars etc….

Step Two: If that $450 annual fee scares you, opt for the original card Chase Sapphire

  • Same Spend: $4,000 in 3 months only you get half the points bringing the total to 50,000 points.
  • Annual Fee: $95 annual but waived the first year
  • No Foreign transaction fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Ohh and the card is SUPER thick so you will impress everyone.

Step Three: Book your reward! Assuming you got one of the 2 cards above you spend the required amount, pay it off like a responsible adult, and you get your bonus in just 3 months time. From there you pick what you want to transfer the miles to from the partners below depending on what you want to do. Fly? Hotel stay? I suggest instead of transferring all of the points, you see how many you will need and just transfer those.



Step Four: Contact me. Should you have any questions or need help, I am here to help for free of course. I could go on and on about travel hacking and ways I have found to save money. It is a big part of my world and how Matt and I afford to do what we do. I would love nothing more than to share that with the world.

Signing up for multiple credit cards, spending and transferring points you can rack up hundreds of thousands of miles and save big time money on flights, hotels, and pretty much anything travel. This gets complicated due to all of the choices. Not to mention keeping track of all the rules, minimum spend requirements, balance due dates and more. I have tips for all of that as well that I will save for another time. This post is meant to get you started on the basics and hopefully it will earn you your first free flight or hotel stay to get you started.

Safe travels my friend.


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