Taman Negara

I was awaken by the train attendant and the train was completely full. I must have been exhausted because I didn’t hear many people actually get on the train. I didn’t even know we made many stops. The train dropped me off at my stop at 5am. I was the only person that got off. So here I was alone at a train station with a few attendants and no clue where to go. I sat down for a min to give myself some time to come up with a game plan. I tried to speak English to an attendant and no luck… So back to a new game plan. I didn’t really ever came up with one except I would sit there till the sun came up because I had lights. Till about 5 mins after that plan when they turned out the lights at the station.

About that time an attendant comes out and asks me where I was going. I told him I needed local currency and I needed to get to Taman Negara. You know the place where all the people like me go?

He took me into town to an ATM so I could make the 8am bus. No luck. The ATM machines didn’t like my 4 cards I tried. They don’t have the international chip so I just assumed that was the issue. The banks didn’t open till 9.

About 7:30 I went to the bus station and asked if they could exchange. No luck and the bus attendant told me the only bus was at 8am. I was screwed so I decided to wait for the banks to open.

Well, the bank couldn’t cash travelers checks but the bank 5 miles away could. So off I went to find this bank. Let me just say I hadn’t eaten and I missed my bus so I did it cussing the whole way. I got the money and got food so I was feeling better. I did have new shoes on and they left some nice blisters on my feet which was a small price to pay for being able to eat.

I went back to the station to see about getting my ticket for the next  day and he told me to take the 1pm. SAY WHAT??? I thought there was only a 8am bus. I can already tell this English thing is going to be an issue throughout the trip.

I got on the bus with all locals and no ac. Ohh did I mention is didn’t have shocks? Not to mention I smelled horrible. I didn’t know my body could produce these smells. I was a hot mess but at least I was on my way.

When I got there I found a hostel and took a quick rinse down. I would have sworn I had a dead animal hidden on my body but I never could find it. It was that bad.

I went out to see what I could get into and found out I could do a night tour for $10. Yes please. Give me some adventure that involves wildlife so I am not the only funky smelling thing around.

I got on the back of a crowded 4×4 truck and we were on our way to find some awesome wildlife. I am not sure where the wildlife were. I did see water buffalo, cows, owl, cat and the highlight was way off in the distance there was monkeys in the tree.

I surrender. Today was not my day but surely it gets better. RIGHT? Someone please tell me this who backpacking thing gets better?

Travel Bus from to Taman Negara $2

Food $14

Lodging $3 (yes you read that right)

Entertainment (Jungle 4×4) $10

Total $29

Within the budget- Score!!!!

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