Taman Negara -Take 2

I got up early knowing that today would have to be better than yesterday. I went on a trek through a jungle with a guide. I learned about survival skills such as a left that produces suds when you put water on it and rub it. The salt suds are then applied to a wound to stop bleeding. This was important given the size of the ants, I could only imagine other dangerous things that you could encounter. I walked through the jungle on a Canopy Bridge highly suspended through the trees.

For lunch I took a break and discovered sweet and sour fish. It was so good. The weird thing is that I don’t have much of an appetite so it was hard to eat. I ate what I could and since I finally had wifi I checked in with my Love back in Japan to let him know I was alive. Barely 😉

For the afternoon I hired a boot and when to go see a tribe of indigenous people. They still live life off the land. Why? It is free. I was the only one with them and yet they were so shy. One girl which was about 14 was building a house. A HOUSE! Anyway, anytime I tried to get a picture, off she went. I caught a group of kids in the trees and talked to them. They were shy but tried to talk. I just repeated the words they said which made them laugh. I wasn’t really getting anywhere though. Wasn’t like the kids that I was used to that wanted to play. They just stood there looking at me.

I learned how to start a fire and how to hunt. I tried a blow arrow which was interesting. They put some kind of tar from a tree on the tip which is poison. The darts themselves wouldn’t really kill much more than a fly so they shot they prey and wait for the poison to work the magic. I said my goodbyes, though they didn’t say it back. I am guessing they feel a little like monkeys at a zoo with tourists wanting to see how they live. They do however get things from tourists because they had clothes and wrappers from candy and such everywhere.

Back at camp I met 2 German guys and a Spanish guy. We sat around and played Uno and after 3 out of 4 wins I called it quits and headed to bed. Morning time I am off to some tropical islands.

Food $12

Housing $3.50

Entertainment ($10 for jungle tour, $12 for boat to tribe)- $22

Other $6

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