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Yesterday I went to Williamsburg VA. Walking around the buildings are restored and people are dressed as they were in the colonial times. I also went to Williamsburg Winery for a tour and a wine tasting. I could sit here and talk about the day but I have so much more on my mind. I will let the pictures speak for themselves for now…

I went back to meet up with Yolanda for dinner and went over to her house. For dinner I met her friend Jane that shared an amazing story of loss and love. She was married over 20 years and lost her husband to cancer. She had a childhood friend that grew up across the creek. Her wedding day this friend had chicken pox and asked her to walk out to the top of the hill so she could see him. He asked at one point why she didn’t wait for her. He was in love but the time wasn’t right. So after Jane’s husband passed, he seized the opportunity. Jane grew to love him and now they are together.

At her house we talked, shared pictures and we played badminton (I had never played but it was a lot of fun). A topic that really hit home with me was a point that Yolanda brought up. People often regret mistakes they make and forget the reason they made that decision. We are often harder on ourselves than we are to others.

I thought about this on my drive home. We all have good and bad traits within us. Ideally we would know exactly what to think and do in every situation to honor ourselves. Life doesn’t come with a manual.  What helps me to forgive myself is to focus on progress, not perfection. So just a reminder, you’re doing the best you can and you can make the decision right now to thank yourself for making choices that are often hard to make. It is ok to mess up because no one is perfect. Trying your best is the best you can do.

**SOAPBOX MOMENT BELOW (Take this as a warning)!!!!

Yesterday America spoke during the election. When I got on Facebook, I have to say I was disappointed in some of my friends who didn’t agree with the outcome and played a sore loser. Well here goes: I didn’t vote, nor did I care to. Have your opinion about that, say what you want, it is the way it is. Please just don’t judge me.

For my vote to have made a difference, it would have had to come down to just one vote. I don’t feel like it is my duty to vote as some try to tell me it is. Honestly I think voting comes down to a reminder for people to familiarize themselves with the issues we face. Also, it is a source for people to find out how other people think and relate to others. When you find someone that feels the same way about an issue, it feels good. It really does. It feels good to share and to connect with others that reinforce your views.

Reminder: If you don’t like something, change it, if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.

Most people are unwilling to do anything that might actually influence elections. So I believe people vote to convince themselves that they did their part. Most feel pressured by society to vote because society tells us you are forfeiting a power you have and giving it to those who governs. Voting is a token of participation which carries sentimental value but no other major value, in my opinion.

Actions speak louder than words. If you don’t like the political outcome, take action. Voting is an opinion, it is your word but doesn’t change anything. Get involved with politics. Did you volunteer your time to your candidate’s campaign? If you are passionate about your views, take action to make changes. Don’t just complain like I see so many people doing today due to the outcome of the election. I know that most aren’t going out to actually take action, they just want a reason to complain.

Honestly, I am happy that I have what I do. I love my country and feel blessed. It could be worse and it is in different parts of the world. I value what I have, not what I don’t. So your vote did as much good as me non voting and I got to spend that time doing something that mattered to me. Selfish? Maybe. BUT I can promise, you won’t hear me complaining about our politicians and the way it is run. If I ever feel the need to complain, I will get involved.

I don’t know anything about building roads, so I am not going to say how they should be built and leave that to those that do. Is that ignorant? No. I am just deciding to place my resources to things that matter most to me. If roads weren’t being built and I needed them to do what I do, I would probably become more influenced by the process. For the time being, they are good for me so I wont take action and I am not going to complain either.

Same way I feel about politics I am not passionate enough about the issues at hands to make an informed decision. Therefore, I decide to focus my energy elsewhere and let those that are passionate about that make the educated decision. I want to focus my time on myself and building connections with those that are directly impacted by me and focus on living my life.

I’m not saying this to have you do the same and not vote and I won’t judge you if you do. For those that want to complain about the outcome, if you are that passionate about the loss of your candidate, why don’t you do something to genuinely support those you stand behind to make a difference you want to see? If the result isn’t in your favor and you know you can’t change it, view the positives and see areas that can be changed than take action.  In the end: Actions speak louder than words.


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