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I saw my friends in Dallas. I posted pics of what I did for Christmas. The day after Christmas I went out with some of my friends to Urban Crust in Plano. Well, I drank a little much. It was in a part of town that used to be my stomping grounds when I had a photography studio. After dinner we bounced around from place to place drinking. My friend Brad drove me home and for good reason. He is an amazing friend to me. It was so nice to see my friends that I have missed so much. I never could have imagined how much I missed their company while I was on the road. I get to see them soon before I leave for Colombia.

The next day I went to happy hour with a few friends. We solved a few of the world’s problems in just a few hours. Than I went and stayed with Amber and like girls we stayed up through the night talking like girls getting caught up on all the gossip. Few days after I left I found out Amber got engaged to Marc. I definitely approve and it made my heart super happy. I call them my little family. Amber teaches me so much about life and friendship that you can’t help but love her. I am SO excited.

I headed back to Louisiana to spend time with my Pops. The other night I cooked dinner and AJ and I sat at the house, watched movies and had a few drinks. I don’t think the old guys think I had it in me to cook and clean like a girl. It has been nice to just chill around the house for a few days. The kids Mary and Brad came by and raced cars even so I took a few pictures.

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