Sumo Practice

Today I got to cross another thing off my bucket list. I got to watch Sumo Live!! I still feel like it is a dream I am at times. I won’t get technical because 1. I don’t know much 2. if you are reading this, you probably don’t know much. So I will tell you just a bit.

To warm up. They stretch and they lift their legs up to the side on at a time and slap making a loud noise. They do this over and over. Also, you will see a wooden pole, they use that to hit on also making a noise. They practice moving across the floor by lowering their center of gravity.

They have many levels but the easiest way when looking at the pics is by the color of their belts.

Black Belts- Unpaid

White- Paid

There are 3 “champions” right now and today we got to see 2 of the 3 at practice. They guys practice at what is called a stable. There are 40+ stables and today we saw 8 represented at the practice we went to. They bow and say something when they enter. All the black belts have to honor the white belts and they go around the room recognizing each one.

To get the ring ready they put down dirt, water it, and sweep it. Right before they go into a match, they throw what I am guessing to be salt. I am not 100% sure. They also bow to each other. Right before they fight they get down into stand where they put their fist touching the floor. The whole goal is to not step out of the ring or let any body part except for your feet, touch the ground.

As soon as they do that, they go at it. I will post video soon but for now, here are some photos I took.

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