Summer Travel 2017

Over the summer, Matty and I traveled to a number of places including: Romania, Macedonia, Kenya, Malta, and Greece. I hope that my travels inspire others to explore the world. With all the “bad” the media exposes us too, I think it is important to see the beauty.

  • Travel broadens my mind. I get to share new experiences with others. I get to see how the people of the world live. To see the similarity and the differences of the culture that I was born in.
  • The logistics is always an experience. Where do you get money? What is the language? What will be my mode of transportation? All of things are a challenge at first but it gets easier and gives me confidence. If I can land in Bangkok and get myself to the city center and find a place to stay, to remain vigilant and not get ripped off yet keeping my sense of humor with the ability to allow myself mistakes, I can go anywhere in the world and just figure it out.
  • Learning what is important and has value. My life isn’t complicated by material things. There is not much we really NEED. In a society where we are taught to be consumers, I don’t spend my time buying into that. I enjoy laughter, love, and my happiness and guess what? That is free and takes up no space which means I am not weighed down by it all.

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous


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