Success in your Passion

Yesterday my allergies were acting up so I was super lame. Annie and I talked a bit and I had time to think. So here is an inspiring post which I haven’t done lately.

Nothing in life comes easy. I and this is no exception. People think I have it made but really this isn’t easy. Easy would be boring. Life doesn’t go on forever but that is what makes it precious.  Focus should be spent  on following the dreams you love.

Right now is the only moment guaranteed to you and pursuing your dreams should be your focus, not just talk.  So don’t be irresponsible. People have many excuses to why they can’t follow their dreams. When people say they are jealous of what I am doing, I encourage them to join me. I always get an excuse.

Most just want to play it safe. Is it safer to stay put? Of course. Maybe you should go ahead and lock yourself away and never experience anything. Safe doesn’t mean what is best. The reason it seems impossible is because few have achieved them. It doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible because almost anything is possible if you want it bad enough.

So what happens if you fail at chasing your dreams? The way I see it is that you either catch them or you fall down and you learn something. Either way, it is a win. The biggest failure is not even chasing your dreams to start with because you let fear of failure stand in your way. If you can’t stand to fail, you can’t handle success.

As long as you stay true to your dreams you will find success in your passion.

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