Stop and Smell the Coffee

Matt and I walked to the coffee shop down the road from our apartment. It wasn’t just a walk for me. It was raining out and not so warm. Anyone that knows me knows that cold isn’t something I do well with. To add rain to the mix really makes it less than desirable for me. I wanted to go though.

We have been go go go since we landed in Japan. I wanted to just take a minute to breathe. To be excited because we did it! We live in Japan. That is enough reason to sing and dance in the rain. I have to say there were things about moving that “scared” me. It isn’t like I am just on a 2 week trip and  I will be back to my comfort zone shortly. This isn’t ending soon and I want to make the absolute most I can of life.

I wanted to walk in the rain so I could stop and smell the coffee.

So we did just that. It was refreshing. For once I wasn’t trying to escape the rain, I was welcoming it. Do you know what that feels like to welcome rain falling on you? AMAZING. I feel alive today. I have said this over and over but doing a day in day out job is not me. I feel alive when I am out exploring life.

I knew today I would be working mostly inside. I am taking 3 online MOOC classes that I need to get caught up on plus m Japanese course. For those that don’t know what MOOC is, I would highly suggest looking into it. So when it rains, working inside all of the sudden turns cozy and not so much like a prison.



So now I encourage you to get out in the rain and stop and smell the coffee. Enjoy the day for what it is and take the time to look around and breathe in what you are doing. No matter what you are facing in life, every storm runs out of rain. As they say: life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it is learning to dance in the rain.

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