Starting in Colombia

Monday I flew to Colombia South America. One of my good friends Shaun lives in Medellin.  He is one of the main people that has inspired me to follow my dream and figure out a way to travel. He has always just done what he wanted and figured it out, it has worked for him and so he inspires me all the time. How could I not come visit him seeing as though he is one of my greatest sources of inspiration?

Quick thoughts about Colombia:

  • It is spelled Colombia, not Columbia
  • It isn’t as scary as people think
  • The drugs aren’t on every street corner (I have yet to even see or hear anyone talk about them)
  • I didn’t get kidnapped as I arrived at the airport and actually feel much safer than I thought I would
  • You can find English speakers in lots of places
  • The women may be good looking but the men are lacking…
  • The food is bland
  • If you think Texas drivers are crazy, visit here and if you really want to live on the edge try driving a motorcycle
  • Salsa dancing isn’t so bad and is really fun just don’t go for 6 hours of dancing after 2 hours of sleep
  • White people = gringos… you hear it a lot
  • Chow means bye and you give a hug and expect a kiss on the right cheek… you must say this to everyone when you are leaving
  • Very family oriented
  • Love to celebrate and birthdays are a BIG deal
  • Play police sirens in between songs on the radio
  • Everyone I’ve met is friendly and the energy people give off is great

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