Start of Backpacking Southeast Asia

Disclaimer- Right now I am writing as I can. I didn’t bring a laptop so I have to use computers as I come across them. In the meantime, I write daily in my notebook. I don’t have a way to post photos so I will go back and do that once I am home.

This is my first day of the few month journey. Matt dropped me off at the train station and off to the airport I go. I had 10 hour flight total with a 1 hour layover in Tipai. I hadn’t eaten all day so when I landed first thing I did was found food. I was staying with someone through couch surfing. For those that don’t know what it is, it is a network of travelers that open their spare couch to others traveling. The idea is that you host when you can and ‘surf’ when you are on the road. So they suggested I get a cab which from the airport to their place ended up costing $30. Upon arrival, my host took me on a tour of the city. Of course it was night and we ended up walking the city till 4am. He showed me the places I should go. Back at the house it was a house of 4 people that were all from different parts of the world. The guy that showed me around was from India. There was another guy from India and a couple from Spain.

I plan on trying to budget $30 a day including travel for my trip so the end of the day I will write my expenses.

Food $12

Transportation (to airport in Japan $40, cab Singapore $40 total) $80

Total $92

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