Speaking A New Language

SInce being here in Colombia I am around people that are speaking a different language. I have learned a few things that I feel are useful for me in learning it new.

  • Hearing the language spoken constantly helps pick it up. Think about it, as a kid they don’t learn to read or write first. They just hear it and start using what they hear. So I think when people try to learn it the way you are taught in high school english it seems it goes against our natural way to learn. A guy I met here said he learned English from movies and music. He speaks really clear English. I think it works. 
  • One day Shaun went to a meeting and I was left with Cristina who doesn’t speak much English. We took a walk to the store together and of course if we wanted to talk, we had to figure it out because Shaun wasn’t around to translate. What I learned is that I learned more by being forced to pay attention and by having it be my only option I learned so much more than when Shaun was around and could translate.

I am interested in learning a new language. I have had people ask if I would help them practice their English and some even said they would pay for it. I am not hear long enough to actually learn but now it really has me interested.

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